Spiritual Counseling

Our ministry at the Retreat is focused on supporting the men and women in the ministry in any way we can. First by providing a quiet place to get away for rest and reflection. We also understand the need for members of the clergy to have a safe place, outside of their normal circle, to share their burdens. Steve and Susie Reed are experienced pastors and understand the pressures that are a part of ministry life – from congregational troubles to family issues.

The Reeds would be happy to spend some time with you talking and praying about things you might not be able to share in other settings. Of course, your conversations are absolutely confidential. They believe in the Word of God, the power of prayer, and the ability of God to speak into your situation and give you the grace and wisdom you need to move ahead. Sometimes all it takes is someone to help you process your thoughts and struggles. We want to be a safe place for you to explore the issues in your life.

Space is limited. Call 417-223-3444 or use our reservation request form now.

The Brook At Bethpage